single pass

The Single pass biopsy closure cautery device is the only single-use coaxial biopsy tool that uses a patented method of cauterizing damaged tissue to prevent bleeding. This means fewer adverse events and less time spent in the hospital.


  • Reduce risk: Because this tool can pass through biopsy guidance and new threats to at-risk patients, they can benefit from a safe and effective procedure. This reduces anxiety in both patients and staff.
  • Shorten hospital stay: The four to eight hour wait time that is common practice after a biopsy is to detect adverse events. This waiting time can be shortened or eliminated completely with the effective use of Single Pass.
  • Free up beds: If waiting times are eliminated or shortened, beds are freed up. This can save thousands of euros and build patient confidence.
  • It can prevent sowing: Some teacherssionDoctors have suggested that this procedure may prevent tumor spread, which is when cancer cells spread after a biopsy.
  • Modern design: Singlepass uses two AA batteries in the handle to power the cautery. Its lightweight design is easy to use and disposable.

Order information

Part Number Model Dimension "TO" Outer Diameter (OD) Description
900000SP-01 K10 17cm 0,040 in Kronos Electrocautery Device
900000SP-02 K15 22cm 0,040 in Kronos Electrocautery Device